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Most of these marine fossils do not form in the far depths of the sea known as the Abyssal Zone because the sediment at the bottom of the Abyssal zone is generally dragged into the mantle of the Earth, as opposed to rising to the land.As said above, fossils usually form in water because sedimentation occurs.This article was published in the Journal of Geoscience Edeucation, Vol. Gains (pretest to posttest) among participants (n = 122) averaged 4%, similar to gains reported elsewhere. In this study, a 15-item version of the Geoscience Concept Inventory (GCI) was used to assess the prior knowledge and learning of students enrolled in an introductory physical and historical geology course specifically designed for preservice elementary (K-8) teachers.Socrative has been an integral part of my classroom for almost 4 years and I wanted to share the quizzes I have been using in my classroom.The easy-to-use and intuitive platform is a tool that I have lauded before.

Students identify various fossilized animals and plants from the Fossil List, provide details about these organisms such as environment, mode of life, etc., and answer questions on general paleontology. The extreme heat and pressure needed to form igneous or metamorphic rock often destroys or warps the organism.However, gains among participants enrolled in revised course sections (n = 84) averaged 7-8%.Detailed analysis shows that statistically significant gains occurred on test items related to geologic time, earthquakes, radiometric dating, and tectonics.The theory of plate tectonics was developed in the 1960s in an effort to explain the jigsawlike pattern of the Earth's continents. Our Living Language : Although German physicist, meteorologist, and explorer Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of continental drift in 1912, suggesting that the continents were once joined as one large landmass, the explanation for the movement of such large landmasses into their current positions was not developed for several more decades.According to the theory of plate tectonics, which was proposed in the 1960s, the continents (and ocean floors) ride atop about a dozen semirigid plates—huge slabs of Earth's lithosphere—that are much larger than the continents themselves.

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