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Udje songs are thus dance songs sung when udje is being performed. The songs strongly attack what the traditional society regards as vices.

Since there were no prisons in traditional Urhobo, major crimes were punished either by selling the offender into servitude or by execution. Occasionally, there are blatant lampoons as when barrenness, ugliness, and other natural deformities of a person are sung.

However, for a long time such “cross-cultural” marriages were not widely spread.

For instance, many Igbo men do not wish to marry Yoruba women.

Ba's metaphor of a burning library underscores both the limitations of an oral culture such as the traditional African and the urgent need to retrieve as much of the folklore as possible for study and preservation before its aged custodians die with their vast knowledge.

The amazing thing about all these babes is that they are all single, a fact that is an added advantage to their career because in Kannywood, actresses are either single or divorced, to be in the industry, due largely to cultural and religious issues in this part of the country.

In this piece, Kaduna Correspondent, BUNMI BALOGUN-OKOTIE compiles a list of some Kannywood actresses who are red hot.

Lagos girls ranges from the wild party sanguine to the scared, conserved-not-in-the-mood-for-parties phlegmatic And down to the straight-headed, ambitious choleric that believe they can get away with anything, and would happily rule your life if you give them the chance.

The cholerics are very unpredictable and very confident...

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Rahama Hassan is one of the pretty and classy single babes in the industry who are in great demand at the moment.

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