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I attended a weekend long summit, where a variety of "coaches" gave their advice to a group of "frustrated" guys on how to approach and attract women.

While there was definitely some sexist advice, many of the coaches actually made some pretty insightful observations about social interactions, consistent with the latest research in social and evolutionary psychology.

All too often I’ve seen two students clearly ignoring each other in line for Quiche Bar on a Sunday morning, trying to ignore the fact they just spent ALL NIGHT together. Don’t think you know everything you like or don’t like.

I, too, am guilty of this but I’ve come to realize that ignoring your hookups—especially if you’re broke through the friend zone with a hottie, hooked up with him, and proceeded to ignore him. Don’t think you have one “type.” Don’t think you have one favorite sex position.

Fast-forward to sophomore fall when I swallowed my pride and downloaded the app and **poof** suddenly I was digitally chit-chatting with Swatties before inviting them over to my room, guzzling a bottle of wine, and watching Netflix.

They certainly brought a few fans of their spage-age R&B (their megafan had flown in) and early into the set the crowd was trying to move; by the fourth song there was definite swaying and sashaying, and when Zoe offered to buy the whole crowd tequila shots, none of the front line moved. Zoe, in over-the-knee socks and a loose hoodie, bare legs in between, brought out the bros with phones.

She has “it,” always moving or posing, grinding into the music or raising her arms to fill the space, pulling the mic away from her striking face, her long Annie Lennox-orange hair pulled back in a tight pony tail.

En het zo houden tot je verder wilt gaan of je de friend with benefits relatie wilt stopzetten zonder haar te verliezen als een vriendin.

Ik ga je niet alleen vertellen hoe het moet, ik ga je ook vertellen welke dingen erbij komen kijken.

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